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Pro Prospector™ has the ability to provide you with world class exclusive high probability leads. Pro Prospector™ understands that every company is going to have to compete on data in order to win in sales. The collection of it, the analyzation of it, and the utilization of it. The very survival of every company depends on it! Pro Prospector™ is here to give you that bit of insight, that lead, the who, by name, by address, by phone, by email, by device ID, who is looking for, actively pursuing, and ready to purchase EXACTLY what you sell. And we know this information in real-time. One of ours founders, Tony Joseph, has been a data scientist for over 38 years and has authored much of the data architecture that is still used today.

The founders of Pro Prospector™ have been heavily involved in big data and thick data from the early 1980s and have pioneered its use across multiple industries.

Thick data is qualitative information that provides insights into the everyday emotional lives of consumers. It goes beyond big data to explain why consumers have certain preferences, the reasons they behave the way they do, why certain trends stick and so on and allows us, for example, to tell you the names, addresses, phone numbers and emails of every person who is in market, actively looking for whatever product or service you are offering, plus we can tell you the name, address, phone number and email of all the people that have visited your websites or are currently on your websites, along with the ability to send real-time alerts when we detect a person has taken an action which indicates they are most likely to make a purchase decision in the short term future.

We are the only SaaS company in the world that has made a substantial massive financial investment and acquired the device ID of every of every mobile device in the country, 292.8 million mobile devices and counting. We literally know the mobile device ID for every buyer of your product in your market and we know exactly when they enter the market to buy. Additionally, we are track and indexing every IP address in the world as part of our founders contract with DARPA.

Understand, no one else has this ability at this level and each day we are innovating new technologies to advance our abilities. Today, Pro Prospector™ tracks over 220 million people each month along with over 15 billion behavioral movements. This is the MOST advanced analytics and data gathering ever seen allowing us to literally view buyers the moment they are in the buying process and reach out immediately on over 2 million websites, games and apps. Every time they visit a site, open an app or play a game on any one of their mobile or home devices, again, to the tune of over 2 million sites, apps and games, if your buyer has practically anything open on any one of their devices they are going to see your offers.

As complicated as this all may appear, the bottom line is having the ability to only spend online and offline advertising dollars and efforts on those prospects actively in-market for your particular product or services.

Pro Prospector™ is ideal for anyone who either has an existing database of past customers or is looking to bring in a rush of brand new prospects. In both examples, Pro Prospector™'s mission is to quickly and measurably increase our client's conversions.

Our services work extremely well whether it's working with a B2C company or B2B businesses. Either way, Pro Prospector™ is here to maximize every possible avenue of your marketing and follow up. Whether that be through inbound / outbound calls, SMS, Email or Ringless Voicemails. And Pro Prospector™ allows you to not only LIVE monitor all calls but the recordings as well. Additionally, the system allows you to track and test all activities with full analytics and reporting.

The easy answer to that is "delegating to the experts." With your access to Pro Prospector™'s standard package… you have every tool and resource necessary to connect and convert prospects into customers through a variety of marketing methods.

But once you upgrade to our VIP Marketing Services… our team of experts handles all the heavy lifting for you. Let our VIP staff create and optimize the most effective campaign in order to quickly get your phone ringing off the hook with new prospects. Our VIP Marketing Services can also handle every other aspect of your marketing needs. Everything from Website Design, Content Marketing, Lead and Landing Page Design and Social Media Marketing. Save yourself time, money and eliminate your learning curve with our VIP Marketing Services. Why do it yourself… when our expert team can do it all for you.

We have set up our service as a month-to-month system which means no long-term contracts, however, we do not offer refunds or a money-back guarantee. So if after a month or two you already feel you have all the new prospects you need… then simply contact our customer support team and cancel your account.

But we feel very confident that once you leverage the massive marketing advantage that Pro Prospector™ will provide you and your business… you'll never want to leave!

You can contact our customer service support team by simply clicking the link HERE. Our reps will do their absolute best to respond and answer your question within 24 hours.

You can also Chat with us LIVE by clicking the "Live Support" icon on the lower right corner of any page within your Pro Prospector™ backoffice.

Keep in mind this is also where you would send general topic questions such as resetting your login details or updating your billing information. See the next question below regarding tech support.

If at any point you have a question or challenge figuring something out with your Pro Prospector™ tools, resources or marketing campaigns… submit your questions by clicking HERE.

Our team does it's absolute best to answer your tech support questions as quickly as possible. (Average response time is usually within a 2 hour period, Monday to Friday.)

You can also Chat with us LIVE by clicking the "Live Support" icon on the lower right corner of any page within your Pro Prospector™ backoffice.

When you initially signed up for your VIP Marketing Services account, you would have been provided your own unique contact details for your rep in the very first email. So we recommend doing a search for "Pro Prospector™ VIP Marketing Services" within your email inbox.

If for whatever reason you are not able to locate that initial email (accidentally deleted etc.) then simply click HERE and contact us so we can connect you with your personal representative.

If you are ready to upgrade from a variety of standard marketing packages to our VIP program, then simply click this link HERE. One of our VIP representatives will get in contact with you by phone ASAP to walk you through the entire process. Make sure you provide us the best phone number to reach you by in your request.

The company was founded by a group of sales and technology professionals back in November of 2010 and we've never looked back since!

Yes, annual packages provide the user with two free months, however, as was stated earlier, our services were intentionally set up on a month to month basis to provide the ultimate in flexibility for our clients.

Well, because there really is no "one-size fits all" solution, the best way to proceed is to get on our calendar and discuss your exact circumstances to learn how to not only drive leads through LinkedIn, but to also develop long-term relationships with the prospects who aren’t ready to buy right away.

That way they’ll either hire you for big money in the future, refer a bunch of clients to you in the meantime, or both.

Look, anybody can drive leads to their business by shelling out a couple grand on Facebook ads or pay-per-click in the hopes that it’ll get a couple clients who happen to be ready to work with you now.

But where a lot of people drop the ball is the long-term relationship-building process because they lack a System for following up and nurturing leads that don’t buy right away.

That’s because it’s easier to just focus on the “quick wins” of getting the 3-4% of clients who are ready to work with you now.

But it causes you to ignore the 96-97% of clients who aren’t ready to work with you at the moment, but who may call you 3-6 months from now if you invested some time to stay in touch with them.

Are you willing to lose money and let these people slip through your fingers?

Our team can take this burden off your shoulders by helping you: to:

1) Target a well defined prospect on LinkedIn who are a perfect fit for what you offer. Their process hyper-focused and laser targeted system goes after your exact, ideal client—the kind of big-time clients that could lead to $50,000, $200,000, or even multiple 7-figure deals. They’ll build an instant database of prospects—so that, within weeks, you have hundreds of high-value prospects that you are connected to.

2) Get these prospects to agree to talk to you without appearing pushy, scammy, or cheesy. Let’s face it, all that “internet marketing” mumbo jumbo just doesn’t work for your business. The level of complexity most people preach is not just unneeded, but can also be off putting to the types of businesses you want to work with. It lacks intimacy, reaching out to your prospects requires a certain level of nuance. Our team gets that, because they do it every day for clients across the world. With their system, you’ll get to target your prospects in a way that’s actually helpful to them and that positions you as one of the good guys/gals.

3) Follow up and nurture prospects who aren’t ready to work with you so they don’t forget you. If you are like many businesses out there, you probably don’t have a system for following up and nurturing prospects that have “raised their hand”…but since you didn’t have a system for following up, they forgot about you. Sales is as much about timing as anything. And with Josh’s system, when the time is right you’ll be the one they think of.

We invite you to claim your free 1-on-1 exploratory call with our CTO, Tony Joseph, where you’ll talk about your ideal client and how you can create a database of your ideal prospects who need your help… through a multi-touchpoint outreach and nurture process through LinkedIn.

Instead of having to “hope and pray” that your prospects will not only find YOU… let alone hire you—or having to weed through tons of tire kickers and dud leads…

…you’ll be actively targeting your ideal prospects who need your help.

That means you’ll get to cut all that “junk work” you’re doing right now that’s wasting your time and eating you alive: all that social media and content marketing that could be helping you build and audience…

…but that isn’t doing anything to help you put money in your pocket right now.

Just hop on a quick exploratory call with Tony Joseph and we promise you, he’ll help you get “unstuck” in your business if you’re not attracting the clients you want—or add to the clients you’re already getting.

Gamified Lead Generation Pages are simply lead generation pages with game-like features that dramatically increase engagement and conversions due to the use or advanced psychology and artificial intelligence. Lead generation pages that have been "gamified" are easier for the prospect to answer multiple questions, resulting in the submission of long form questionnaires all without any resistance, which results in dramatically more qualified leads than any other method.

Niches who want very detailed lead data (mortgage, home improvement, insurance, real estate, automotive dealerships) LOVE THE PAGES because they receive exponentially better leads...

Hundreds of billions in mortgages STARTED on a gamified lead page, for example:

Rockert Mortgage

Rocket Mortgage (Quicken Loans), America's Largest Mortgage Lender uses gamified lead pages...

Veterans United

Veterans United, merica's Largest VA Purchase Lender uses gamified lead pages...

Lending Tree

Lending Tree, the nation's leading online marketplace for loans uses gamified lead pages...


Costco! Yes, even the wholesale shopping powerhouse Costco is using gamified lead pages... for mortgages!

Why would they all be paying to generate traffic to the same type of gamified lead page technology?

Because gamified lead pages easily deliver more, higher-quality, leads daily than any other pages they've used!

Want to learn more? Simply click here to schedule a quick demonstration with our CTO and discover how gamified lead pages can exponentially grow your business.

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